L071AA00 - Petzl Asap Sorber 20 cm

L071AA00 - Petzl Asap Sorber 20 cm

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Rp.850.000 Rp.660.000

Stok: Tersedia
Dilihat: 58 Kali
Brand: Petzl
Berat: 1000 Gram
Warna: -
Ukuran: 20 cm
Deskripsi PETZL ASAP SORBER 20 CM L071AA00
Deskripsi Petzl Asap Sorber 20 cm L71AA00
Asap Sorber 20
Description Connects the ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to the harness Allows the user to distance himself from the rope in order to : - declutter the work area - protect the rope from sharp tools and molten metal splash Absorb the energy of a fall by the tearing of specific stitching Zippered fabric pouch protects the energy absorber from abrasion and splashes while allowing for regular inspection of the absorber Ends equipped with STRING to hold the connector in position and protect the webbing from abrasion Available in two lengths for a choice of the best balance between distance from the rope and reducing the fall length

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